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Goblin Grenades (Vegan)

Goblin Grenades (Vegan)

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Beautifully-decorated, hand-poured Belgian chocolate shells are just the beginning of a delightful experience. Place the goblin grenade in the bottom of a mug, slowly pour hot water over the shell, and feel child-like joy bubble up as marshmallows explode to the surface! Stir thoroughly and enjoy a decadent treat that will ignite your senses and refresh your soul.

Select one of seven perfectly balanced flavors, or choose classic cocoa if you prefer the simplicity of excellent chocolate in your cup. Then choose the coffee level, to craft a delightful drink for any time of day.

Every goblin grenade is vegan (even the sprinkles!) and made in a gluten-free kitchen. Each ingredient is locally-sourced if available, and selected with sustainability in mind. No refrigeration needed, but since it is real chocolate, prevent melting by storing in a cool, dry location if you're not going to enjoy it right away.

Best enjoyed in good company, so be sure to get enough to share!

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